What will 2021 bring for Search and SEO? With the Core Web Vitals’ announcement and the further development of artificial intelligence, Google is already setting the tone.  What significant (and minor) changes can we expect in the coming year?  I have listed 7 important trends with which your website becomes and remains SEO-proof. SEO-proof in 2021 Last […]

SEO friendly blog post is a term you hear all the time. Much like any other form of writing, blog posts need skills. To keep the reader interested, you should concentrate on making articles interesting. People who like and enjoy an article would be more likely to share it with others, increasing their rankings. So, […]

Inbound marketing vs. digital marketing can be easily mixed up, and with good reason. Digital marketing uses many the same resources as inbound marketing—email and web content, to name a few. Both exist to catch the interest of prospects through the purchaser’s path and turn them into customers. But the two methods take a different […]

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a vital but frequently frustrating and time-consuming method for those prepared to build their own websites. Besides, the information you need to help make your website function well on search engines is often dispersed and can be challenging to locate in one location. Here are 10 main SEO principles […]

Ok, I’m not that much of an SEO expert. But since it’s a subject that I wasn’t interested in at first, I have three practical hacks to share with you. These tips allow authors to take advantage of search engine results—and no keyword research is needed. Strong SEO is the promotion of good content I […]

Disavowing links is a big issue. Every content marketer wants high-quality inbound links to their site. These backlinks will give you a big boost when it comes to your SEO efforts and help you climb SERPs faster. But what about the incorrect backlinks? You know—those from spammy websites with low-quality content and poor domain authority. […]

What is an SEO-optimized article? An SEO article is a piece of content of substantial length that you write for your website. Writing articles of about 2000 words is one component that you can add to your website to make it easier to find. The more SEO content you write, the higher your website will […]

Google trend is a tool that every online entrepreneur should know. The program offers a large number of possibilities for keyword research. Combining a keyword suggestion tool and the search results in Google can lead to valuable insights. We would like to teach you how we use google trends, the possibilities, and what you should […]